Tyler Jacobsen, Architectural and Engineering Design

Tyler Jacobsen

Tyler realized it was time for a change at the age of 20 when he was living with his parents and trying to support his young son on $10 an hour. He found the Architectural and Engineering Design program and decided it would be a great way to develop his interest in construction. But paying for school while earning $10 an hour was impossible. “I love the Financial Aid people,” Tyler says. “They covered all my tuition.”

Tyler, now employed at Penguin Insulation in Layton, loves his industry. “Being able to start a project, seeing a blank piece of land and being able to turn it into a home or a commercial building, even on the computer, is really exciting. With 3-D capabilities, you can build a home and walk through it before you lay one brick.”

Tyler’s newfound skills have helped him develop confidence. He signed his graduation papers and his salary contract the same day. He says, “I couldn’t be more thankful for what I’ve gotten from Davis Tech.”

Alison Williams, Cosmetology

Alison Williams

Alison always wanted to do Cosmetology. When she graduated from high school, however, she felt pressured to go to a four-year university like her friends. After a couple of years, Alison realized that she needed a more hands-on approach to learning, so she enrolled in Davis Tech’s Cosmetology program.

“I support myself,” Alison says, “so my scholarships helped me to educate myself in something I love to do.”

After Alison graduated in 2017, she came back to Davis Tech as an employee. In addition to doing hair from home, Allison works as a dispensary/receptionist in Cosmetology. She loves working with clients and learning new skills.

Javier Santos, Practical Nurse

Javier Santos

“We have to give back when we receive"

Sometimes, life can take unexpected turns. For Javier Santos, those surprising moments included leaving his native Colombia, moving to Utah, and making a major career change.

Javier is trained as a chemist. But when Javier’s first child was born prematurely, Javier was inspired by the nurses who cared for his entire family. Going back to school meant cutting back his work hours, which in turn made taking care of his family more difficult. That’s why Javier’s scholarship meant so much to him.

With plans to qualify as an RN from Weber State University, Javier recognizes that his understanding of Latin cultures will help future patients. Javier might never have guessed that he’d end up as a nursing student in Utah, but those unexpected moments became an opportunity to help others.