Message from the Chair

Barbara Smith, Foundation Chair

The Davis Technical College Foundation’s mission is to provide assistance to qualified students who lack the resources to improve their lives. Through the donations received by the Foundation, thousands of students obtain a technical education and certification, which leads them to well-paid, highly skilled jobs. Industry leaders and students know that Davis Tech changes lives.

Though the Foundation has successfully helped so many, we realize that there is still plenty of work to do. Davis Tech’s self-paced learning model means that students need assistance all year long, not just at the beginning of a semester or for a clearly defined period of time.

The College is working to expand its Allied Health programs and is in need of a new building. We know this will be a challenge but we are confident that business and community leaders will help make this possible through generous support and donations.

In addition to cash donations, the Foundation receives many in-kind donations, including state-of-the-art equipment and materials. This ensures students are fully trained and capable to begin working immediately and to be productive on the first day of work. Many companies actively recruit Davis Tech students because the training offered is second to none.

We need you to join with us in this effort. The Davis Tech Foundation Board of Trustees includes some of the brightest, most successful individuals in the state and we are grateful to those who give their time, talents, and donations so that we may reach our goals.

Please get involved in our annual golf tournament, become a donor toward the new building, or sponsor at least one scholarship per year. The reward will be more than worth the time and expense. Together we can change lives.

Barbara Smith, Chair